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How To Order Your Custom ID Card

Ordering from K.J. Notary & I.D. is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. 

Step 1: 

Explore our site and pick the card of your choice.

Step 2: 

ORDER YOUR CARD through our secure checkout.

Step 3:

You will provide us with the information you want inserted into the layout such as a photograph, logo, name, height, weight, address, phone numbers etc., depending on which card layout you choose. 

Your information can be completed using our Card Worksheet , emailed to us at or copied to a CD-ROM and mailed to us. (Windows version only, sorry no MACs) Pictures and logos must be in a (jpg.) file for us to utilize them. Higher picture resolutions will provide better results.


***NOTE- The layouts listed in this site are fixed. Minor changes can be made such as background color and font color. Any major changes require a Custom Design Fee. Orders of ten or more may require a one time set up fee. If you have any questions please email us at


How Long Will It Take To Receive Your Cards.

Processing and shipping will usually take 3 working days. Larger and more complex orders may take longer to complete.


Restricted Items

Law Enforcement, Fire & Government ID cards.

Restricted items require an authorization letter on Official letterhead from your agency sent to us with a copy of your current ID cards (front & back) and your signature. No photo copies or faxes. No exceptions will be made on restricted items.

It is the responsibility of the buyer, without any reservations, qualifications or restrictions, to insure that any card or item purchased from this site is used in a lawful manner.



All items are sold for novelty and entertainment purposes only unless you are legally entitled to use such items. These items alone grant you no special privileges.

No novelty card sold within this site is intended to duplicate or resemble that of any card or item issued by any governmental agency, and is not a replacement of any form of legal government identification.

All warranties claim these cards are not official government cards or documents, and are issued for novelty use only. We disclaim quality, performance, or fitness for any articulate or official purpose.

You the buyer, bear the entire risk relating to the quality and performance of any novelty items purchased within this site and accepts full responsibility for the use or misuse for all novelty items purchased within this site.

All of our Novelty ID cards are 'Originals', therefore, none of our novelty cards can be considered a 'fake' by any legal definition, as they are not counterfeits, and do not replace any official government issued identification. All novelty items are issued independently of any government issuing office or department.

This understanding is valid, binding, and enforceable against all purchasers


Copyright2011 K.J. Notary & I.D.